Food Safety and Quality Management

  • Starting date: Fall 2024
  • Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
  • Location: Alexandria (Borg Al-Arab) and Cairo (Smart Village)
  • Registration deadline: June 11, 2024
  • Application fees: 500 EGP (nonrefundable)

Food Safety Diploma Overview:

The multibillion-dollar food and beverage industry in Egypt has been growing steadily since 2015 and will continue to develop in the coming years. Learning about the safe way of handling food is not an option anymore, but a must to guarantee success in this industry. In collaboration with the National Food Safety Authority, the Biotechnology department at E-JUST devised the Food Safety and Quality Management professional diploma. The significance of this diploma is in upgrading the knowledge and skills of students with the latest technologies in the food industry to ensure the production of high quality and safe food

In the first semester, students study three elective courses and three Core Courses that shed light on food chemistry, analysis, and quality control. You will also learn how to perform techniques such as ELISA, PCR, and real time PCR. In the second semester, students will learn three core courses that explore topics such as the importance of food composition and its effect on health. Students also study two more elective courses that are aligned with their experience or the area they are interested in. This professional diploma is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities and will expose you to real case studies by industry experts as well as give you the opportunity to visit food factories.